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Missing Library Parts, how to clear them?


Hi! I have been working on a project in archicad for a few months now and I reached a point in which the file is too slow to be worked on. I assume it is due to some mistakes from my side and not using the software efficiently. One of the reasons I could imagine is making the model so slow is the amount of missing library parts caused by linking a rhino file containing context information (surrounding buildings and terrain). Once I broke and deleted the link, the missing objects keep appearing in my library manager. Is there a way to clear those missing objects? 

Any other tips on how to keep the file running light would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!


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Barry Kelly

Objects will only appear as "missing" if they are actually placed in Archicad, but you no longer have the library that they were in loaded.

They will appear in your model as black (pen number 1) dots.


You have two choices.

Find them in your model and delete them if you don't want them in your model any more.

They could be on the plan (any storey) in sections, elevations, details or worksheets, so you may have to hunt for them.

If you look in the warnings section of the Library Manager, you will be able to see how many instances of each missing object has been placed (but not where they are placed).


Or load the library/s that contain those object and they will appear again properly in your model.



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That was exactly what I was looking for, Thank you very much for both your replies! 🙂 



When you import/hotlink a Rhino file to AC it will create layers with the suffix "Rhino" . The Objects are placed on these layers. When you delete the layers with the option deleting the Elements placed on everything should be cleared up.

(doublecheck if there is nothing else important on these layers...)

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