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Nader Belal
Hi there,

Where can I find a step by step tutorial for Polygon operations ?

Thank you
A good friend of mine have once told me that I´m so brute that I´m capable of creating a GDL script capable of creating GDLs.

There is only description of Polygon Operation Add-on in GDL Reference Guide.

I didn't try this yet, but I don't think it's so complicated. You just need to try. Finally you can write your own tutorial and publish here

Sadly, there are none.

The PolyOperations addon has some caveats, as I already found the hard way.

In the end it is not so complex, but I know first hand that it looks quite daunting.
The first thing one has to understand is the fact that first we need to "create" and "set" source and destination container – and we need to retrieve the result in the end from the container.
The ID for retrieving is given in an array as last parameter in the CALLFUNCTION.

These are the base tricks you have to wrap your head around.
And just use the dict based version. It's easier than the array based one.
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