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Slanted riser tread floor plan display

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Hey guys,

I have created a staircase with slanted risers. My fist question is why does the thickens of the suport (structure) change. It does so by a minimal value less than a millimeter but still, wtf. In my case I have to look at the stairs in section and add 0.6 mm to the thicknes of the suport to have the proper thicnes that I want (200,0 mm).

Second question is how can I get the hidden line of threed to show in floor plan. When I select the stair object it actualy shows me where the hidden line of the thread is but I can not chose that line to be visible in floor plan.
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
I don't think that the thickness of the Structure should change just because you switch from Vertical Risers to Slanted Risers. Usually what happens is the bottom of the structure goes a bit lower because of the slant, but its thickness does not change.
Can you give me steps to reproduce this?

About the Floor Plan Display of those Slanted Risers: Unfortunately, it is currently not possible. The GDL Objects responsible for generating the Stair Grid is not scripted in such a way. I think it could be done by modifying the script, but currently it is not scripted that way.
You could make a wish for this and we could submit that to GRAPHISOFT for consideration.
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