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Slow archicad




I don't know why, but since last thursday my archicad has been very slow. And when I mean very slow, I mean archicad is taking 5 minutes to make sections to show. And if I even think about changing the photo frame, it slows down. I can make a one corner move in 4 minutes. I'm doing a solo project and it shouldn't be too big of a file.  I did uninstall the 26 archicad and installed it again with the newest update. I'm using MacBook Pro 2021 with memory of 32Gt/500Gt. Is there something I'm doing wrong?




 I had a similar issue once but only on certain views within one particular project. As such, this may not be a very good solution. 


 It turned out being an object that was very heavy to draw/redraw/move within the drawing in question. I deleted the object and replaced it with a line drawing that represented it, and all of the speed issues went away. This was a custom created object (let's say I was overly ambitious!).


 Again, not sure if it will help, but I hope it does! 

Barry Kelly

First thing to assess, is it just that file or all files.


If all files, you will need to look at what has happened to your machine since last Thursday.

Updates or other programs installed.

If you can, roll back your operating system to before that Thursday and uninstall any newly added software.


If it is just that one file, then you will need to analyse it to find the cause.

What did you add to it recently?

Does turning certain layers off help?

Or turn off all layers and turn a few on at a time until the problem arises.


If it is just that one file then we will not be of much help determining the cause as we don't have the file.




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Hi everyone!


Thanks for the help! Problem solved! It was the objects slowing. 😄 Truly a relieve! 😄