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Updating GSM Object


Our office uses a shared BIMcloud office library, in LCF format, in order to have a common library of custom objects for all solo and teamwork projects. I am running into an issue though of wanting to update the scripts of the custom objects, and the objects getting saved with new GUIDs and the Library Manager then showing multiple missing library parts, at least that's what I assume is happening.


For example our template file has drawings on layouts using a custom OFFICE DRAWING LABEL object, which is saved in our OFFICE LIBRARY BIMcloud Library. But in order to update the OFFICE DRAWING LABEL object, I have to do the following steps:


  1. Update script of OFFICE DRAWING LABEL
  2. Save As into Embedded Library as OFFICE DRAWING LABEL 2 (AC will not let me do a simple Save)
  3. Export OFFICE DRAWING LABEL 2 from Embedded Library into local OFFICE LIBRARY folder on my PC, overwriting the existing local copy of OFFICE DRAWING LABEL.gsm
  4. Create an LCF container of the OFFICE LIBRARY folder on my PC and upload/replace the OFFICE LIBRARY.lcf BIMcloud Library with the new LCF container

But whenever I reload my libraries, I now have over 200 missing library parts, since the OFFICE DRAWING LABEL is being used on every drawing in our layouts, and because we had to do a Save As I believe this is creating a unique GUID for the object.


The only workaround I can think of is to migrate our office library into the Embedded Library of our template file, so that every new project will have the same new library of objects, but this does not help with the objects already in place in current projects that may also need to be updated.


Is there any way to update GSM objects within libraries without changing the GUID? I thought maybe if I opened the object separately using File > Library & Objects > Open Object, I could save over the current object but I can only open GDL objects with that dialogue, not GSM.


There's a reply to a similar post here, but this was 10 years ago, and I'm not sure if the situation is still the same:



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Miha Nahtigal

You should extract your lcf to a folder. After that in your project’s library list remove the lcf library and add your folder with extracted objects. Than you will be able to edit a gsm object directly, without saving it to embedded lib. After you are done editing your object, create a lcf library from folder and replace the older library file. 


That worked, thanks!

AC 24 US
Windows 10, AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, 16.0 GB Ram, AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT

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