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Using GLOB_CONTEXT to stop object from printing

we'd like to make a 2D object that displays on screen, but won't print - similar to Hotspots or Section lines.

Can this be achieved using GLOB_CONTEXT? I can't see a code for 'print' at all.

Or is there another option?

Any help appreicated!


Erika Epstein
Enforcing office standards can be tough. A clarification of what I was suggesting is a layer COMBINATION, not turning on/off a single layer. With Quicklayers open as part of one's WE, changing layer combinations is very quick and easy to fit in the work flow.

Now that we know more about what you are trying to achieve 🙂...include in your office template sample layouts that can be used to as trace reference to line up drawings.
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A few more thoughts;

If you trace the guidelines with white pens to the master layout and not choose the master elements to be shown with their original colors, then
the guidelines are visible on layouts but do not print.

If you want to tweak gdl - request the RGB of the guideline object pen in
the beginning of the 2D code. If red, green and blue are not 1 then end.

In addition using a MVO libraryglobal could be useful, then guideline object
visibility was adjustable per view.

Hope this helps.
Pertti Paasky
Derek wrote:
"We were after a solution that takes zero effort on the final user's part, hence hoping to create a 'hot line' object.
Guess we'll just have to set up a hotspot grid for layouts instead. "

Actually there are commands Hotline2 or Hotarc2 which are invisible but snappable like lines and arcs. They are useful when custom snaplines are needeed.
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