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Volume calculation label for House Model




Is there a way to use a label to calculate the volume of the built-in house model object?

I'm familiar with GDL is that's the only way to do it.




Sorry I forgot all about it.




It seems that it is calculating (only for NET volume) just the volume of the roof when you have a roof turned on.

With a flat roof and a 5.0 x 5.0 x 5.0 house, I get the correct 125m³.

But turn the roof on and it give just the volume for the roof.

I have no idea why it is doing this.


But as I mentioned, I didn't think you could get volumes for objects unless it is calculated in the object itself (which is not usual).

I did find this in the reference manual, and it conspicuously does not mention volumes for objects.




However, convert it to a morph.

It will actually create 2 morph elements (building and roof).

Union them together and you now get the correct volume (I think - I didn't actually calculate it).

But oddly I couldn't get the 'morph volume by storey'.






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Thank you for the detailed explanation.

Would be nice to know what is happening behind the scene with the volume calculation (from a Graphisoft dev). But I can work with the information you provided.



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