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Window and Door Markings


Does anyone know how to delete all the markers created into an Archicad file?

I can't find a way to do it, if there is anyone who has done it it would be helpful, so I don't need to change the file totally and start a new file.

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Aren't they just Library parts loaded in to the project? Remove the older libraries and the duplicates (with the version number appended) should disappear.

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If you do not want any Doors and Windows to display any Markers, you can simply turn them off.

Go to 3D and display everything. Then select all Doors, and select the "No Marker" option in the Marker Type field of the Info Box or the Dimension Marker panel of the Door Settings Dialog.

Do the same for Windows.

No need to delete anything. You Doors/Windows will all be set to not display any Marker on the Floor Plan.

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