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editing the default archicad title

Otavio Augusto
Certified trainer

Hello again, i'm trying to edit the default ArchiCAD title so we can have a more personalized one, but i can't find where i can change the alignment of the title text and the scale text in its GDL code.




I found where to change its position, but i can't seem to find where the alignment is. Can a kind soul help me here?


Robert Nichols

That would be in a text style definition. Look for the following code (or something similar):


define style "styleDrawingScale" gs_drawing_scale_font_type,
anchorDrawScale is the variable you are interested. It uses a code derived from a 9-square box. The value 1 means a text bounding box is anchored in upper-left corner. 9 means text is anchored in lower-right corner. 5 means the text box is anchored in the very center, vertically and horizontally, of the text bounding box. I'm sure you can figure out the remainder.
Mac Studio, 32gb ram, ArchiCAD v26 (Apple Silicon) MacOS 13

Otavio Augusto
Certified trainer

Perfect @Robert Nichols, it was exactly that!

Thanks very much!!!

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