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moving multiple nodes of a morph

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how to select/move multiple nodes(vertex, edge) of an morph object?

I can select and move edge by edge... but if I want to change the shape of a complex profile for whatever reason, only way i managed to use so far is select/drag edge by edge.

is there a simpler way to do so?
Erwin Edel
There is a special cursor on top of the info box that you can switch from filled to empty symbol. The emtpy cursor allows you to select edges/surfaces individually, so with SHIFT you can select multiple or use boundary selection etc.

You can also hold CTRL + SHIFT to toggle the cursor, much like how space bar toggles the magnet.

The (old) tutorial videos for morph tool on ArchiCAD youtube channel still are great for learning tricks with morph tool. The classics remodelled and tie fighter modelling video etc are also good for picking up tricks.
Erwin Edel, Project Lead, Leloup Architecten

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You can use the marquee and Stretch, I think in all views. Keep a backup copy of the morph in some depot story because unless one knows exactly what one's doing results can be terrifying. There is some YouTube tutorial for creating a sort of spaghetti ramp based on distorting morphs using the right marquee and elevating some of its edges —I never got it to work, but the guy in the video did succeed.
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