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storefront window question

Tom Krowka
How can I change the bottom mullion dept at the sill on the storefront window? There seems to be a setting for everything else except that element. I hope it's not a default that can't be changed.

Otherwise, how do you put in a storefront window. Curtain wall is a wall and won't punch a hole in the existing wall.

storefront sill.JPG
Tom Krowka Architect

Windows 11, AC Version 26

David Maudlin

Under All Parameters > Frames > Bottom Rail Width. In AC19 this parameter has been added to the Shape and Panel Divisions... panel.

To use a Curtain Wall, just add an Empty Opening (Simple Window Opening) to the Wall, then place the Curtain Wall in the opening, which is my preferred method.

David Maudlin / Architect
Digital Architecture
AC27 USA • iMac 27" 4.0GHz Quad-core i7 | 24 gb ram • MacBook Pro 2.8GHz | 16 gb ram • OSX11.7.10

Tom Krowka
Got it. Thanks.
Tom Krowka Architect

Windows 11, AC Version 26

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