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No license after reinstall of OS in License manager tool

Paul Martin

My digital license is uploadet, but not showing in manager tool after reinstall of OS (Win 11). Can not use Archicad after this. Need to download license for uploading license again. How can I download license again?

Barry Kelly

If you did not upload it to your company pool before re-installing your OS, then I don't think you will be able to get it back.

You will need to contact your local Archicad (Graphisoft) support - the people you bought the license from - explain what you have done and ask them to reset the licence into your company pool.

You can then download it again to your machine.



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Thanks Barry, for the quick and good answer.

I will contact support so this can be fixed.

There will be a small fee to fix this but that's ok, my fault. Upload license before reinstall OS on your computer is the soluton next time...