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Archicad displays inconsistent text in script

This is happening to me rather often, and drives me crazy with error messages like "missing comma at parameter list" (as in this case) and such, until I realize what is going on. At first I copy-paste the script (select all, copy, paste) onto a text editor, check it there, give up in despair and close the object (the placed instances display as error dots), so I open the object again to find some funny “new” text appears that was not showing before (I know, because I had copy-pasted all into the text editor), in this case the last two characters, p"
[A red flag may be some empty lines that appear at the end of the text pasted to the text editor, which were not there in the script (at first I thought I was being sloppy, then I started checking), although I have only noticed this recently and haven't checked its consistency.]


Screen Shot 2022-02-05 at 4.16.31 PM.png



Never had this issue. 

Are you using CMD or Ctrl a to select all?

When I select with the cursor I sometimes manage to miss select

Select All.

Jochen Suehlo

In the past years I had many strange script changes that drove me to despair, they were even more extreme than you described.
I could not find a cause for this.
Graphisoft had no reasonable explanation for it either.
Sometimes it helped to select the text completely, copy it and paste it into a text editor, and then copy it back again, but that is no patent remedy.
Most of the time it helped a bit to restart Archicad if the problem occurred several times in a row.

Jochen Suehlo . AC12-27 . MAC OSX 14.4 . WIN11
GDL object creation:

Latest example, right now. “Inconsistent types of expression at Line 3” (a simple value list).  This time I took a screenshot before closing (in top image, green is Select All text highlight). Close, reopen, mess. 

Adding text to the top of the script may be one of the triggers.inconsistent.png

I have noticed random errors in scripts, text in wrong places and definitely not as I typed it.

I always script in the oldest version we use (currently 20), so I rarely script in the latest versions.

But I have noticed this problem starting to appear - never happened in version 18.


I haven't pinned down the cause but have noticed it can depend on whether you work in the script in the main object dialogue window or the pop-out script window.

I usually work in the pop-out script

In fact if you get an error and compare the two, you will see they are not the same.

It seems to happen most often when copy & paste is used - looks good where you are working but not in the alternate script window.



One of the forum moderators.
Versions 6.5 to 27
Dell XPS- i7-6700 @ 3.4Ghz, 16GB ram, GeForce GTX 960 (2GB), Windows 10
Lenovo Thinkpad - i7-1270P 2.20 GHz, 32GB RAM, Nvidia T550, Windows 11

Right now, on AC25. Working on the main object window. Mystery error…

Screen Shot 2022-02-20 at 9.45.35 AM.png

close, reopen, surprise.

Screen Shot 2022-02-20 at 9.46.58 AM.png



[Following Barry’s idea of comparing main window with pop-out window:] Type, Save, error warning, Save anyway, open pop-out, compare. [Inline image is not working for me and the attachment will be legible.]


This is becoming a very serious pain, it is not over in one pass, whack-a-mole scripting. AC25 INT on OS Monterey, but I've seen it across at least a couple other versions and MacOSs.




I liked your post - although I obviously don't like what is happening.

I can't understand how the two views of the same script can be different.

It is very annoying although (touch wood) it hasn't happened to me for a while which is why I have not posted an example.

Thanks for doing that.



One of the forum moderators.
Versions 6.5 to 27
Dell XPS- i7-6700 @ 3.4Ghz, 16GB ram, GeForce GTX 960 (2GB), Windows 10
Lenovo Thinkpad - i7-1270P 2.20 GHz, 32GB RAM, Nvidia T550, Windows 11

I have uploaded images often, including three times in this thread. It was just not working when I tried. Right now it is not expanding the image when I click on it. Whatever.