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How do you usually create non rectangular collumns?

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I can't see a way to create irregular shaped columns.

How do you usually handle such a case?
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do i create two meshes, one inside the other? i did that and gave an elevation to the smaller mesh inside the outer, but i can't seem to stretch the lower edges to create a regular, sloped mesh on four sides. i think i must not be getting it?
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Draw a Mesh with a Rectangular contour.
Then select this newly-drawn Mesh, and within its boundaries, draw another Rectangle. This will be the top of the Column and will be the size it tapers down to.
Click on these last newly-created ridges and with Pet Palette (the little Palette that pops up) commands, raise its height.
You can do this last step in 3D as well to make it more visual.
Also, check the Manual as suggested.
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There is an object called "ArtZandCraftZ column"
at Objects On Line that make columns in the bungalow style
you describe. I mention this but I hope you decide
to learn how to make it with the mesh tool.
The mesh tool is powerful.
Peter Devlin
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peter, thanks for the tip about the column style. lazlo, thank you for explaining it to me. it worked. i had been creating two separate meshes instead of one! thanks ignacio. i would have given up on this program a while ago withou this forum.
Ignacio Azpiazu
marta wrote:
i would have given up on this program a while ago withou this forum.
Oh, always ask and just *don't* give up. If you give up you will never feel soo good for all you would be missing if you had given up. The initial pain is excruciating, you want to smash the computer etc., but you will find the rewards are worth it. They would be worth twice the pain too.
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Reading this post about using the mesh tool sounded like a simple solution compared to using Steep roof slabs as operators to SEO the originally rectangular column.

I created a tapered (36" tall) column using a mesh. assigned a River Rock material to the mesh. See the Result below. The material is not displaying properly.

Also the Section view does not display the Fill pattern.
Tapered Mesh.JPG
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Just Checked That vertoral 3D Hatching was not check in Section settings. Fill does show. Still strange 3d view.
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Here is a view of the way I had previously produced tapered Columns using Square column as Target and Roof surfaces (on hidden layer) as Operators.

The Watertable on to is just roofs.

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