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How to clean up modeling lines to orthogonal [0/90/180/270]?


I have some entities that are suspiciously close to orthogonal, but when I zoom in on them it's unclear that they are.


When I try to put a guide nearby, I am not sure whether the guide is snapping to this odd almost-plumb line or giving me a true orthogonal. And it's frustrating to see vertices missing each other when I zoom in. I'd like to clean up my geometry.


How do I make sure I am generating clean orthogonal lines in an existing file with unreliable "orthogonal" lines?


Is there a way to see the vector info of a given line/edge to see if it's at 0/90/180/270?


Does the units of my drawing file affect the accuracy of the geometry? (if set at 1/4" vs 1/64")

Will I see vertices missing each other at extreme zoom even if they are input with hard numbers?


Thanks for helping me understand the unit accuracy of Archicad!

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Barry Kelly

You have an orthagonal grid and a rotated grid.

You can only use one at a time.

Make sure that it is the orthagonal grid that is current.

Just to be safe I usually set my rotated grid to 0° or something obvious like 45° when I am not using it.


I turn anti-aliasing of for 2D in the Work Environment.

That way you will see 'jaggies' if a line/wall is not orthagonal.


To fix a non-orthagonal wall, make sure your snap guides are on (the blue ones).

Then drag one end node, and if your orthagonal grid is on you should see an orthagonal snap guide line.






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@Barry Kelly

I will try that, thanks for your assistance

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Erwin Edel

I don't think you can label 2D line elements, but for 3D elements this works like a charm:


You can label the elements and it will tell you if it is at 90 degree angle or off.

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