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MEP 27 - The New Feature that never happened


Can someone from Graphisoft please step up and own the current abject failure to deliver the renewed MEP Modeller?


Today I joined the many others who have had to return to using AC26 in order to deliver on our MEP commitments.


We all pay out for GS to deliver improvements to AC, yet here we are 7 months later with a key feature broken & software we can't use. Can someone at least tell us what we can expect in terms of delivery of fixing this MEP debacle and when?


It's bad enough struggling with the 3D screen "grey outs", and the disappointment of new features that suddenly became experimental, but finding a fundamental tool is no longer useable... 🙄

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I'm not an MEP user, therefore technically don't really have a bone in this fight or a stake in all this (....not really true.....but I'll circle back to that later).

So I hope my ignorance on any part will be excused, but as I was passing by, I just can't believe some of the things I'm reading on here.


We (the non-MEP/Structural/DDSCAD Archicad users) are under the general impression that a large part of the reason we've hardly been getting any (substantive) improvement to the ARCHITECTURE and design tools in ARCHIcad over the last several versions has been because Graphisoft has been dedicating a large amount of resources in this drive to make it the Swiss-army knife of AEC BIM tools with the inclusion and improvements to those tools related to Structural, MEP and DDSCAD taking primary focus.

So imagine my shock in learning that poor MEP tool users such as yourself aren't even getting the basic satisfaction of a working tool out-of-the-box sans a couple (or several.....who know) hotfixes or updates.

So what the hell are they actually spending the development resources on over there at GS HQ, if they can't even get basic quality assurance (Q/A) on new tools and solid beta-testing and fixes done to esnure tools are production ready?


And why even release a half-baked, and not ready-at-all-for primetime tool as key feature release when you know it's not ready?

I realize that this is just a Graphisoft deal to do this sort of thing going all the way back to Complex Profile Manager in ArchiCAD 10 that couldn't do curved paths until ArchiCAD 11,...but seriously though,.....why?


And then to make things even more mind-boggling, apparently the solution is to go back down one version to continue using the older version of the MEP tool - WHICH, by the way, is essentially, or is supposed to be obsolete since  MEP objects created in it  will technically not function as such ( MEP objects) with the new version.

What the he**????!?!?!


Surely, how can the solution be, "Go back and use the tool (or the version of it), that is technically incompatible with the current one (that's supposed to work, but isn't) and that we will no longer be supporting in the future".

That's not a solution.

That's not even a workaround.

That almost feels like a joke on some level.


Listen, I applaud and fully appreciate Balint for having the decency (...and heck, even the courage) to come here and address the concern directly, but you can see and understand why we, the users tend to get super-frustrated with what's happening over there (or not), when we end up with situations like this, no?


I don't even use this tool but I totally understand the frustration of those who do, and commiserate with their anger.

And in terms of it not affecting me (because I don't use the tool), that's not even true.


It does affect everyone else, because if we're correct in our understanding that this is where all our subscription fee and license fee-funded development resources  are being dedicated to, how does it bode for the tools we actually want improved, when even more of those resources will apparently now have to be spent to fix the broken "other" tools we're supposed to be patient in waiting  for Graphisoft to implement, before they finally decide to remember that Architecture users also exist, 3 or 4 versions down the road and might want some of their tools improved and fixed as well then?


This is all very painful.


I'm hoping for all your sakes they do fix the MEP tool and have a (fully and properly) working version by the next couple of updates, because if not,.....then God help us all.


You cannot really beta test software that is ~30% complete....

I agree with every single sentence. Unfortunately, I would thank you with tears in my eyes if I could use the old "outdated" version (it is outdated, but infinitely better than the zero) in 27. No need to have separate 26 and 27 teamwork files for the same project. Or stay in 26, but then why pay for the upgrade?

Thanks for sharing it will be handy as a check while GS get their act together. The 3D plane also helps to highlight wobbles between branches. Thank you.

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I feel a bit bad that I can only write criticism now and not add anything constructive, but I am still very angry. All credit to DGSketcher for having the desire to test at length and diligently write up his experiences. I'm not there yet :-).

If it makes you feel any better, I can't use 26 because I am on Sonoma v14.1.1 which doesn't play nice with AC26 - 5002 and the update to sort it got screwed up and pulled after we couldn't launch AC26. 🙄 There are worrying instabilities in 27 but I am getting my drains done  s l o w l y.  

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Now I understand. At least I have an escape route, 26. I won't complain anymore :-). Hang in there.

@Balint Kezer I'm wondering if it might be possible click on a brach connection and change it to a different type e.g. from Wye to Sanitary Tee?

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Hi DGS, if I understand correctly you can’t go back to AC26 to make your pipe runs fit correctly in 3D ?


AC27 is not playing nice with the connections at present and therefore you need to go back to AC26 if that was possible ?

DDSCad is a separate software dedicated to MEP provided by GS ? Why not ask GS for free access to DDSCad until AC27 MEP is working correctly ? That would be the fair thing to do if you buy something and it doesn’t work as it is supposed to.



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Yes, basically, stuck between a rock and a hard place as the saying goes. Not sure I want to learn DDSCad just to do basic drain and plumbing layouts, which can be designed from experience and well established rules. We don't need a degree's worth of velocity calculations to know how gravity works for simple projects.


I don't disagree with your thinking. Some of the bigger players should be taking that idea up if they are also feeling screwed over. Personally I would be happy with a free upgrade to AC28 to compensate for the broken promises of AC27 (including what are now experimental features), and the all the input, testing and advising on how to fix the new MEP tools. But hey, we all know how GS currently operate... Anyone for an AI experiment... I just didn't expect MEP to take the same path.

Apple iMac Intel i9 / macOS Sonoma / AC27UKI (most recent builds.. if they work)

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