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MEP - multi mistake

Hello, I installed the final version of AC27 and I noticed several problems on the MEP.
1.- There is no longer a MEP label which gives me the slope of my networks.
2.- If I make a personalized label it does not recognize the MEP when I click on it.
3.- Once the slope is entered on my MEP route, I subsequently have no way of checking whether I have set the correct slope, neither on the object itself, nor by label or other means.
4.- The reduction cones between 2 diameters can no longer be adjusted to the water line (see image); it is a reduction to the axis (plan, section).
All this was possible in AC26 but no longer in AC27, which in my opinion makes using it for a pipeline planner and others a highly tedious task. What solution do you propose, dear designer, and above all in what time frame?
That said, the layout of this new version is much simpler and that’s a plus. Hoping to have an answer, I send you my best regards.MEP Transition.jpg

Balint Kezer

Dear @Camu,

Thank you for your feedback on the MEP functionality in Archicad 27. We are aware of the issues you have mentioned and are working to address them.

The reason you are experiencing these things is because we needed to change the underlying architecture of the MEP tool in Archicad 27 in order to enable the creation of a more robust and easy-to-use solution. This means that some functionalities that were available in Archicad 26 are not currently available in Archicad 27. However, we are committed to re-enabling these functionalities in a better and much more usable form later on. Let me also address your points individually:


1 and 2. Labeling functionality:

The labeling functionality for MEP elements is planned to be released in an update of Archicad 27. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause in the meantime.


3. Slope functionality:

Currently, the slope functionality for MEP elements is an input only feature. This means that you can enter a slope value, but you cannot see what the slope of the element is after you have entered the value. We are looking into ways to make this functionality better, and we would be happy to discuss this with you further if you are open for such a discussion.


4. Alignment functionality:

The alignment functionality for MEP elements will also be developed for this new MEP base later. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause in the meantime.


We understand that these issues may be frustrating for some workflows and we appreciate your patience as we work to resolve them. We are committed to providing our users with the best possible MEP solution, and we believe that the changes we have made in Archicad 27 will ultimately lead to a better user experience. 


Best regards,

Balint Kezer
Senior Product Manager

Thank you for your reply. Personally I use the MEP to make the pipes installed by the mason. It is clear that if I have no way of controlling my work the tool becomes unusable and the transition connection which no longer follows the water line becomes problematic. I have not tested if I receive the data from an external participant (other than archicad) if their network which has an extender which follows the water wire will be recognized by the MEP AC27? All that to say: do you have any idea how long the fixes will take to make the MEP usable. We have a new project starting up and we want to know if we can reasonably move to AC27 or if we need to skip a year (or more). I realize it's difficult to answer, but I tried to give a range of how long it might take. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to me. Have a good day

Thanks for elaborating on your use cases. My suggestion would be to use Archicad 26 if you are modeling plumbing on a daily basis.


Regarding the import from other software the answer is always it depends on the quality of the IFC file. Usually an imported IFC file file create dummy GDL elements without converting them to real MEP GDL elements and in this case there is no change in the visualization of these elements. So it all depends on the imported IFC file, it has to be tested with the files you usually receive to have a clear picture.


Some of the mentioned improvements can be and will be done in an update of Archicad 27, but some require bigger technical tweaks which unfortunately can only be delivered in a new main version. The alignment (possibility for transitions to follow the water line) is one such development unfortunately.

Balint Kezer
Senior Product Manager
I understand. However, I am disappointed and admit that I do not understand why have the MEP in AC27 if this problem, which I consider important, was not resolved. She could have waited for the AC28. In addition, the problem had been raised in beta and technology. Do we really need a new version per year with a lot of fixes or rather put less pressure on the programmers and release a version every 2 years but which works well without losing what we have learned?
I am aware that you have done a mammoth job in a very short time, not counting the fixes. What bothers me is that we pay for a maintenance contract to have all the new versions and therefore we expect that the acquired knowledge remains and that we do not backpedal.
Well, if we manage to have a label with information on the slope of each element placed, that's already a start. I will make a pam_o object for the transition between 2 diameters and interrupt the MEP path between the two. Sorry for my rant but it had to come out. Thanks again for listening and I hope to have this AC27 update soon Good day to you
Good morning, I also notice that in the flexible pipes, I cannot give it a slope. I can only do it in 3D, whereas in AC26 I could give it a slope when traversing.


Hi Camu,


Do you mean flexible ducts? What is the reason for using slope for flexible ducts? Is it in association with stairs and roofs or is there some other reason?

Balint Kezer
Senior Product Manager

yes, I divert it to calculate curved ramps or winding paths, the spline deformation is useful

5.- Vertical vs Horizontal display bug

I notice that on a MEP scan, there is a difference between the vertical and the horizontal, the symbol of the cut element cannot be edited. In fact, in plan it has a red color on a horizontal route (editable in your MEP system choice) and a black color on a vertical route (non-editable). Moreover, when traveling horizontally I can no longer have a drawn line representation to say that it is on the ceiling, the symbol is necessarily displayed in full which adds confusion to the plan


6.- Elbow Display Bug
I notice that on a MEP path (horizontal & vertical) the elbows are displayed on all the floors that the path crosses. While the elbow is only on the ground

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