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MEP - multi mistake

Hello, I installed the final version of AC27 and I noticed several problems on the MEP.
1.- There is no longer a MEP label which gives me the slope of my networks.
2.- If I make a personalized label it does not recognize the MEP when I click on it.
3.- Once the slope is entered on my MEP route, I subsequently have no way of checking whether I have set the correct slope, neither on the object itself, nor by label or other means.
4.- The reduction cones between 2 diameters can no longer be adjusted to the water line (see image); it is a reduction to the axis (plan, section).
All this was possible in AC26 but no longer in AC27, which in my opinion makes using it for a pipeline planner and others a highly tedious task. What solution do you propose, dear designer, and above all in what time frame?
That said, the layout of this new version is much simpler and that’s a plus. Hoping to have an answer, I send you my best regards.MEP Transition.jpg


Hi @Camu 


5. Could you elaborate on this a bit? I understood that we are talking about the representation in 2D of a pipe route element and the differences between how the horizontal and the vertical segments look, but I'm not sure I correctly understand the issue. If you can add some screenshots about the thing you are experiencing and how do you think it should be, even better.


6. Please attach a file showing this issue, so we can investigate this issue.



Balint Kezer
Senior Product Manager

As we can see in the image; the detour is on the ground floor( blue pipe and same for the red). If my route crosses the first and second floors, the representation of the elbows is transferred to these 2 floors; what is needed at the execution plan level. I therefore had to separate the paths by floor to avoid this inconvenience.

Capture d'écran 2023-11-06 074701.png

For the MEP in red I would like the plan symbol to be displayed as a dotted line because it is a view of the ceiling and again it is no longer possible with this new version of MEP


when do you plan to release a fix for this MEP?

Any information about MEP correction ???

The latest update for 27 has been released as a preview.


Give it a try if it is for your region.



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