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MacOS 14 Sonoma - Archicad 27 Pet Palette Problem

Sefa Yakut

Hello everyone,

I have problems with the pet palette when using Archicad 27 on macOS 14 Sonoma. When I click on any object or element, the pet palette sometimes appears and sometimes disappears. My Archicad version is up to date. Build 4060.

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

The Pet Palette does not appear because you are selecting locked elements, which you cannot edit so there is no point for the Pet Palette (which contains editing commands) to appear. Unlock the elements or unlock their Layer if that is what is locked.

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Hello, thank you for your reply.

Neither the element nor its layer are locked, and if they were, it wouldn't let me move them.


Hi @Sefa Yakut,

in your video it appears that you dont have the toggle Suspend Group activated.

If the pet palette sometimes appears and sometimes disappears, it might be a hint on the pet palette appearing depending on if you have an element selected that is or isn't part of a group.

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The pet palette should still appear when selecting a group with the groups not suspended.

It will just be limited in the options it shows - i.e. drag, rotate, mirror, elevate, multiply.


@Sefa Yakut 

I have on occasion had the pet palette not appear.

For example if you select and drag all in one motion - but that does not appear to be what you are doing.

If you select, let go of the mouse button and the drag, the pet palette should appear.


Maybe also check your Work Environment settings to be sure the pet palette is not appearing off the screen somewhere.

These are the settings I work with.






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