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Masterplanning modelling


I think I know lots for modelling building and a terrain but I now work for a company  which does lots of masterplanning.  As an example 28 houses on a plot. I made the house types from the old days to objects to use them but I am wondering  whether there is a better way or things  which could be better.


Yesterday I wanted just to show the different plots with a hatch and give it properties which the label tool can pick up but failed ( i managed plot name with elements id manager and the plot size. What is missing is the house type and as planned and handed).

At some point I will model the terrain but at this stage we only have a 2d plan to work with whether the project  would be feasible. I don't want to slit the terrain object in 29 plots as things will change. 

How do other work with masterplanning stages?

Any good video ( only found terrain around a house )?



Maybe this is something you can use. You can draw the plot with zones and place the objects of the different houses in the zones. With a label on the lot you display the area and with a label on the object you display the type. You could also create a schedule in which the plots (zones) are displayed with the associated objects (types).



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