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I made a copy of the original file to and worked in the copied file.

I wanted to bring some walls from the original file into my newly copied file and noticed that the walls don't land on the same spot when I Paste to Original Location.

This has happened in the past too. How do I fix this from happening again?

Also where do I go to check the file's original coordinate?


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Hello @dhnguyen,


I never meet this scenario !

Are your able to share your files or to share some illustrations ?

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Yes, I can share the file.

File 1 is the original file and File 2 is the file where I made a copy.

If you go to the first floor plan of both files and copy and paste to the original coordinate, it doesn't line up.



ArchiCAD 18- 25

(expert in AutoCAD, novice in ArchiCAD)

I checked out the two files you shared, and they work fine.

In File 1, you have that Origin at the corner where all those Grid Elements meet. That is not the Project Origin. It is the User Origin, which you must have placed there using either the "Set User Origin" button on the standard toolbar or by using the ALT+SHIFT key combination. 

The Project Origin is the 0, 0, 0 coordinate of the whole project, regardless of where the User Origin is and it never changes throughout the whole life of the project. All coordinates in a project file are stored internally relative to the Project Origin.

If you zoom out in File 1, you will see that the Project Origin is located about 597' to the right and 53' up from that User Origin.

When copy-pasting from one file to another, and using the "Original Location" options during paste, element position relative to the Project Origin is maintained, not position relative to the User Origin. 


Reference about Origins:



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