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Problem with Composite structures

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When I try to edit the selected item in the Composite structures dialogue box I click on the drop down arrow and the menu opens and then instantly closes and I cant make any changes to the structures.
Don't know if this is a bug or Some setting on my PC is preventing it from showing. So far I haven't had this problem with any of the other menus.

Please help
It may be problems in your ArchiCAD file. Personally I prefer to make use of the Merge function in ArchiCAD. Open a NEW unused ArchiCAD file. Choose File - File Special -Merge in the NEW file and then choose the problem file. This is to to "adjust" the problem file. (From one of my books on ArchiCAD)
Good luck!
2009-08-31 File Special Merge.jpg
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PC/i7/W11/ArchiCAD 6.5-27
It is even better to merge into a blank started from your template file, as all the settings should be as they are ...

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