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!Restored: Drawing titles

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Please see the following link:

I'm just trying to swap out the plain circle on my drawings title with a circle with a line through it.

Thanks for the help.

Eduardo Rolon
In your drawing settings choose title and choose "title with layout…".
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Off topic.....
An easier way to post a screen shot:

Use the Mac OS shortcut: command-shift-4
It will turn your cursor to a cross-hair. Click, hold, Drag, unclick.
This will create a PNG on your desktop.

In "Post a reply" under filename click "choose File" and select the PNG
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Little B____lives here.
Ops, think 11 is different.
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In my 11, "it" lives here.
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HAZAA, très bon, muy bueno, sehr gut and yippee.

But one question.

Under the title types I have titles numbered 11. Are there titles 1-10 and 12-XX lurking somewhere?

Thanks, and I'll try to remember the pic posting thingy. Thanks for that too.
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Well your not going to have 12xx as you listed because I now see you are on 11.
"Title with Layout 11" should be there and work for you.
I tested that one and it has line dividing top and bottom.

I'm assuming I have 10 stuff because I migrated this project from 10 and loaded (object library 10.lcf) along with AC 11 library because of the migration to 11, or at least that's why I think I have it. For me it causes some duplications, but I just ignore that,
Others may be AGAST at that!

I'm assuming you have tried what eduardo suggested.
He knows this program a lot better than I.
And... after all I'm PC, just NOT "Politically Correct", (don't want to be a drone).
and just what the heck does:"HAZAA, très bon, muy bueno, sehr gut and yippee". mean?
Very good hippy?
Erika Epstein
Watch your language.
That was inappropriate.
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