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Slab white fill showing grey


I set the fill to be white but it shows as grey not matter what I do.
It isn't shadows or automatic color correction or graphic overrides.

Edit: I forgot to mention that it only appears grey when it's in a plan (3D documents) document. In the general workspace it's white.


It says here that I have no overrides currently.

I think I found the problem??


This was set to color fill - non shaded, but I don't know if changing this will cause me problems later... Because if I change the colour of the fill in the Floor Pan options, it still doesn't accept the colour I choose. Now it's ALWAYS white.

If you are displaying it in a 3d Document format it would depend on the material you have applied to the element.

In the end what is your Objective?
ArchiCAD 9 onwards


When set to Surface - Colour Fill, the 3D document will display the Surface Colour of your material, in this case, Concrete 04.




If you do not wish to change this, you could add a rule to your Graphic Override which will override the pen colour of your desired floor planes. eg. If a slab uses the surface Concrete 04, set Fill Type to foreground and set Fill Foreground Pen to white. Also ensure that the surface type override Cover/Uncut is enabled.







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Didn't really undestand the graphic override stuff, but I'm fine with changing the surface configuration. I actually tried changing the material configuration (structural concrete) before, but I guess it was the surface. Thanks!

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