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Solid Element Operations

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I am a new comer to this great operation. But my question is this.

When undertaking the process there are two options given, whether the 'target' inherits the attributes of the operator or uses (keeps) their own. After undertaking many 'subtractions' with the targets inheriting the attributes of the operators, I now require that the targets regain their own, original attributes.

I understand I may not have explained myself clearly, but I'm hoping some people will know what I'm talking about.
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You said you wanted the targets to return to their original attributes.

I don't know if this is what you are referring to, but here is how I use SEO's.

I put the target on its layer, and I put the operator on a different layer which will be turned off. When looking in 3D mode, you will see the target after the SEO operation.

If you want to return the target to its original attributes, simply delete the operator on the hidden layer, and the target is restored to where you first started.

Wow, this forum is great for a new AC user - I came here trying to figure out how to do a void extrusion like in Revit, and this is a great solution for the time being. But while I'm here - does something more like void extrusions exist in AC or is this the next best thing?
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
No, void Extrusions as such do not exist in ARCHICAD. Your best option is modeling the "voids" with one of the Tools (Morph, perhaps, or other, if the geometry of simpler). What I usually do in such a situation is I create a Layer called "SEO elements" or something similar. In the Layer Settings Dialog I usually set this Layer to wireframe, so in 3D it almost looks as a void element. I perform the Subtract SEO with the element on this Layer as Operator, so it cuts its body from the Target element. After that I usually hide the "SEO elements" Layer and make it visible only in case it is needed.

You will have to keep in mind which elements are SEO-d because if you move them you will have to move their SEO operator elements too.
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