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levels of transparency in layout

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I haven't been able to find anything about this in Help-material or these forums:

I teach Archicad now and then The Royal Danish Academy of fine arts, school of Architecture, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The students naturally want their layouts to look good - they usually layout in Indesign, where levels of transparency are easy to acheive from a photoshopped image.

I show the students the fast workflow of Archicad from model to publisher, but if Archicads layout can't suppport levelled transparency, they wont be able to make those competition-like layouts.

I have tried to save png-24 from Photoshop Elements and have taken it into Archicad 11 through 'External Content'. No levels of transparency appear, just a more pale picture.
It seems that I can only have either full transparency or none in Archicad. Not levels or opacity like in photoshop.

Do any of you know how to work around this?

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Save everything but without transparency as a pdf from layoutview. Then open the file in Illustrator and make the last changes here.
Even things that you don't see with your eyes (because it's hide behind something else on your layout) is there in your pdf.
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Thanks a lot - I will try that out.


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