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not enough edges in generatrix

Dave Brach
in 3d window I am getting the warning "not enough edges in generatrix at line 4241 in the 3D script of the DoorFrame.gsm." then i need to press "continue" twice to get back to work. Anybody help with this?
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Barry Kelly
I would say that you have used an object (door) called "DoorFrame" (or possibly it is being called by another object) and you have set a parameter to something that it doesn't like in 3D (plan is fine).
So you will need to track it down and try to figure out the problem.

If you don't know where it is you could use the 'divide and conquer' method as Karl calls it.
Marquee half you model and view in 3D.
If no error it is in the other half.
Now marquee half of the half where the error is and view that in 3D.
Keep repeating until you get an area small enough that you can manually select objects to find the problem one (there may be more than one).

Once you have it select the object and open it settings and turn the preview to 3D.
You should get the same message.
Now look at your parameters and see if you can spot any obvious problems.
It could be a zero width moulding or a zero or negative thickness panel.
Unfortunately it could be just about anything.

If you can't spot the problem you could try placing an new door from the library and set all your parameters again from scratch.
Make sure you have the 3D preview open and the error message will appear if you make the same problem setting.

Or with the object selected press CTRL+SHIFT+O (or the mac equivalent) and look in the 3D script.
Press CTRL+L ant type in 4241 to jump to that line of the script.
It may give you some clue as to what the problem is about (or maybe not!).

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