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"view setting" layer management between 2D/3D & sect/elev

In v21, I am now having (saved view/link) layering "issues" when bouncing back and forth between my saved views in the organizer. Meaning, the layouts for each saved document (plan, 3d perspective, elevation) NO longer globally updates or links when I pull up a different interface method.

Specifically, Im doing a roof massing study with 4 quick-view options saved in perspective in the organizer layout. Clicking the corresponding 3d view gives me the perspective (layer combo) I want, but when clicking back in the plan view or other view, layer settings (combo) in plan no longer correspond. What changed?

• Apologies if this has been discussed, I couldn't find a thread
(suffering updates since v.4.55)
Has that worked for you in previously?

I am no expert, but from my time using Archicad, I have found that layer state modifications do not carry between 3d to 2d, only 2d to 3d. When going to 2d, it has always reverted to what ever layer state it was in previous to the 3d viewing whilst other views have always inherited the layer state of the 2d view.



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Hi - what I am saying is that in all previous versions, in whatever view (be it floor plan or 3D window) you happen to be in, the layer settings would follow the active window when clicking in the interface. So when I am in my 3d perspective moving parts about, I then click in the plan and (making it active) the layers from the last view (3D window) are active, linked, matching & updated.

This is most notable and obvious when I have multiple layer sets that include "options." For example, I am doing a room addition with 3 unique roof solutions. I do this with layers and save a 3D view in the organizer for each variant so I can quickly click thru the options and see the 3D window update accordingly for each option. Traditionally the corresponding floor plan would follow when reactivated by clicking on the plan.

Now, in v21 (maybe also v20, I dunno as I traditionally skip even releases out of boredom) I have my A, B, C (options) perspective views saved (unique layer combos within), when I click back on floor plan, the combos didn't follow back to (now activated) plan, rather, the previous plan quick view layer is still active.

Where this is biting me is that I may adjust an element in Option C (3D window) such as a roof, post beam, etc., but the last activated "plan" view is Option A, so I don't get the feedback in corresponding windows. If Im not careful, I start editing (now) in the plan window without a trip to the organizer or layer combo interface, thinking its the intended Option C plan, but in reality its option A. It just seems like one now must perform redundant trips to the organizer (or other interface) instead of working incrementally and dynamically forward.

So I now have a quickview "plan" layer combo created to match the 3D view (layer combo) and must be diligent in the side trip click fest to be confident I modify the appropriate set. Can this behaviour be reverted? Am I unique in this workflow?

I should note that I am on a 3 monitor Mac setup with floating windows, not full screen and not all tabbed. This 3D window view does not have the tabbed options available, rather a simple menu bar at the top.

Thx for any feedback
(suffering updates since v.4.55)
Yes they changed the behaviour.
Now every tab can have his own layer combination, which will be kept even when jumping between them.
You can actually use the dropper to inject the settings from on tab to the other.
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Correct, I recognized this, but as mentioned, my "floating" or undocked 3D window in a separate monitor, therfore tab-less. is there an override to revert to the previous behaviour?
(suffering updates since v.4.55)
David Maudlin

There are two new commands available: Floor Plan with current settings and 3D Window with current settings that mimic the old behavior. They can be assigned to a keyboard shortcut or menu command.

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Thanks for the tips. You gave me a new search term that resulted in a previous (similar) thread. Don't know if that user ever realized a satisfactory result from it, however. I'll see if this can work as described. thx again!
(suffering updates since v.4.55)
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