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question of "reveal depth" in GH

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Reveal Depth in AC can't be controled by GH?

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It works. By default, reveal is off. So you need to setup reveal type first. You can access it with the ac_reveal_type parameter. It has two types integer or string but I'm could access only string version so you need to check what the name of reveal type you want to use in your language version.

Btw in your case, I'm not sure it will work with one layer of composite wall. I suppose you need a core to refer to.
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thanks kzaremba .

I want to change the door position like below, not the type . i have tried , but I can't find the way.
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Tried to make some quick test.

Parameter responsible for depth is:
gs_wido_sill and AC_wido_sill

But they seem not exposed for GH. In one lib element, I have typed my own value like and saved new lib model. That exposed value for GH but I wasn't able to change it.

Till anyone with bigger knowledge of GDL and GH_Conn respond I would suggest to make several doors with this parameter fixed and place it with GH. Of course, if you don't need to change this value via GH and you have a manageable amount of door variants.
Barry Kelly
I know nothing about how Grasshopper works, but in GDL 'WIDO_SILL' is the global variable for the reveal depth.

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