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Issues with Parametric Profiles in Hotlink Modules

Daniel Kovacs
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

Affected versions: ARCHICAD 22 | Severity: fixed in Update 4023 | ID: 252560, 252655, 252748, 253629, 254015, 254018, 254020, 254027


In the initially released version of ARCHICAD 22 (build 30xx), the implementation of Parametric Profiles posed some errors affecting the behavior of Complex Profiles in Hotlinked modules and related workflows:

  • If the same Complex Profile exists in the Host file, Walls and Beams from the Module file might reset to default modifier sizes.
  • If you stretch the Profile or change a Modifier value in a Complex Profile Wall, Column or Beam in the Module file and update the Hotlink Module, the Modifier values won't update (the sizes stay the same as before)
  • Rotating the Profile of a Beam in the Module file might not go over to the Host file.
  • If you use a Teamwork Project as a Hotlink Module, Parametric Profile changes in the Module file might be disregarded in the Host file, and changes can appear in new (duplicate) profiles.


We fixed these issues in a special update released to address these issues (build 4023). If you experience any other issue related to Parametric Profiles in Hotlinking Workflows after the update, be sure to report it to your local support team!

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