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Layer sorting by "Name" in AC 26

Thomas Nymann

Hi there.


it seems the sorting of Layer Names in AC 26 is a little different than in previous versions (besides handling attributes in folders etc.)


The way AC sorts layers, seems to have changed.

Previously you could use multiple digits, to create "subcategories" after a Main layer e.g A21---- and then sublayer A214--- Etc.


Since AC 26 Layers are sorted as "real numbers" (I guess) meaning 3-digigt numbers will  always be higher than 2-digit numbers thus A214--- will be placed below at the bottom of the list, instead of "just" under A21---- Please see attaced picture for reference:


(This almost a National standard regarding Layers and their names)





Is this an intended change/feature, or an unlucky consequence of the new Attribute System?


Below is a simple screenshot showing the differences from AC 25 to AC 26





Kind regards



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This new sorting method ruins any layer sorting in projects migrated to archicad 26. It hinders any workflow that the whole office - though wrong - got used to. A simple "old method" checkmark would be greatly appreciated. Even if this sorting method is "natural", it wasnt before. We can't rename hundererds of layers that all technical planners adopted to already. This is a big problem for dozens of projects in our office.

Hi @kristoftihanyi and @Legat,


Thank you both for your inputs!

I understand that this adjustment can be frustrating, therefore I added a request for the above-mentioned feature to our database as WISH-12780.


Kind Regards,

Oleksandra Vakariuk

Technical Support Engineer

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