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Mac User and PC User - Dropbox Issues

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Hi there I'm an Aussie living in Canada working with/for a MAC User on Archicad 17....I am on PC

We are dropboxing pln's but I want it to set the MAC user up so she can share my basic library off dropbox and also set up the print directory in dropbox as well
This would be all fine on PC - we could just use SUBST to define a drive letter

But I am lost with OSX
Can I please ask your kind assistance to see if there is a way to do this on MAC. (I understand they do not define drive letters)
Is there a workable alternative here so she will not have to redefine the print pathway every time

Hope this makes sense...would just appreciate some help or advice on how to make them talk via dropbox

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wow 62 views and not 1 reply
I must be doing something weird

Eduardo Rolon
I don't think you need/can create a global setting for the File. On mac for publishing I usually create a set for each machine so I don't need to redefine the path I just pick the one that applies to the machine. For the libraries I think you are out luck.
Have you tried setting up a Teamwork share?
It would solve your library problem and with specific publishers you can fix the other.
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to be honest i would not recommend using dropbox for this purpose - presumably you are using a shared folder, which we have found to create various problems as the locking of files is rather unreliable... i.e. you might find duplicates copies and file corruptions.

regarding the changing library folder you are comparing apples with... well PCs - to be more specific two completely different file systems, that use different file paths. arguably though you could only use the embedded library - ubnless of course you need the same objects in other files?

agree that using a teamwork server is pretty much the way to go in this scenario - although it really depends on the bandwidth at both ends...
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