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I have a problem which I have exhausted all my resources trying to find the best solution for. I have read up the manual, past topics on Modules / Stories in this forum etc etc.

We have 5 people working on a project and we are all reitively new to archicad. We understand the fundamentals, and have produced many sets of working drawings but this is our first larger scale project in archicad for our little office.

We have a development at the moment which is 18 two story homes on a steep site in Australia. Each home drops 500ish mm down the site as we go down the hill. The problem we have is that the homes all have a common wall between them, and share gutters, walls etc. I am trying solve the best way for us to produce the project in Archicad so that when it comes time to displaying floor plans etc our story settings and Floor Cut Planes dont send everything wild. Our working drawings obviously need to display the overall Ground Floor Plans and First Floor plans, not a generic cut plain.

I have read up on Hotlinking Modules, but I am unsure we can use this due to the common walls. Luckily the units are in 4 blocks so we have 1 team leader and 4 others each working on one block. I am implementing the use of modules for the bathrooms, kitchens etc. I have rattled my brain trying to work out our best way forward but I am undecided. I have read up on the way to hotlink over more than one story, this shows promise, but can I do this with the common walls. Any help would be of great assistance especially in the area of storeys and Modules.

Thanks to those who write back to these kinda posts all the time. Your information in the past has been usefull and I have not needed to post until now.

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David wrote:
I have read up on the way to hotlink over more than one story, this shows promise, but can I do this with the common walls.
David - when making hotlinked modules of standard flats, we tend to exclude the external walls. This gives us 2 benefits:

1. We can vary the elevations even though the underlying plan is the same, and
2. We don't have problems with composite wall junctions, which may otherwise refuse to join up properly.

Hope this helps


Archicad 10 on MAC OS X ver 10.3.9

Are you trying to document them all in one file? Or do you have a "typical" file and you are just trying to show an overall plan?
Tom Waltz

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