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door schedule disappears


I spent days completing a door schedule on a complicated 4 level project and now I cannot find the schedule to publish it!  Door schedule was in a previous post..  The door schedule cannot` be found in the file. It used to be found in door schedule.  Does anybody have any ideas so that I do not have to start all over again?  I did not move it to a print (publish),


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did you save it in the View Map? if not, the schedule should still be in the Navigator. you don't normally lose schedules out of nowhere if you've spent time fiddling around with the Criteria & Fields in the schedules' Scheme Settings -- assuming you at least clicked "OK" to save changes???


apologies for the condescending question, but i've found that some people in the office don't save Schedules in the View Map.


if you want to keep a backup of the schedule, or any schedule for that matter (door/window/area schedule) you can export it as an .XML file & import it in another AC project.

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I do not know why this Community system will not let me respond to a question.  I did save both the door schedule and the window schedule because the schedule will not update if not saved and then closed and reopened.  The only difference is that I did not save the Door Schedule to a Project Sheet.  Maybe when I was experimenting with layout or when I made Windows, could the door schedule could have been erased if I did not input that the windows were a new schedule?  I guess that I will have to start all over.  

Try your BPN file, see if it is still in there. Also if you have a backup system in your office, I would check your daily server backup to see if you have a copy of your file with the schedules (not deleted). Lastly, if you are working on Archicad 20, it may be a bug?

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Very stupid questions:

1. do they disappear from the Navigator and View Map, so they do not exist any more,

2. or do they disappear from the Layouts?

If 1. it is a problem

If 2. check your layers... the layouts do not have layers, but obey the current layer combinations... so if there is a layer combination active that hides the layer your schedules are on, they will disappear. It is a good habit to, while placing it on a layout, put any view that has to be seen always on Archicad layer, since you cannot turn that off.


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