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Problem with Cyrillic Alphabet in ArchiCAD 20

There's a bug with Cyrillic since version 16 and even though in this guide says that it's fixed the problem continues in versions 19 and 20. Each letter in Cyrillic appears as ?.

Another problem is that the workaround in the guide is for windows XP or something and it's extremely difficult to find the same settings in Win10.

The "report a bug" button takes me to
so I'm writing here.

Since we're typing specs here, here's mine:
i7-6700k @4.4Ghz, AMD R9-380 4GB, 16GB RAM @2400Mhz, 120gb WD SSD, 1 TB WD HDD, 1x24"FullHD DELL

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Hi there...

we have similar problem in archicad schedules in drawings. We have buy some font from profesionals but, its impossible use it for all archicad on MacOS becaus of this problem. Please fix this problem

I believe I have the same problem, fractions show fine in the schedule, but come up as ? in the view ports.
schedule text.png
Brad Doré
Residential Designer
Vancouver BC
iMac 2021 132GB

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