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Alphabet glitch in ArchiCAD 26 (student version)

Bianca Ernst

I recently upgraded my student package to ArchiCAD 26. When I add text to my project everything is fine in the drawing and in the layout book, but once I export to pdf all the letters are jumbled. It seems each letter gets shifted up by one in alphabetical order ("A" becomes "B", "B" becomes "C", etc.)


Please help!





Wow, I'm amazed and have never seen anything like this! 🙈


First things coming to mind:

  • is this happening to all fonts? or just the one you're using? Have you tried a different font?
  • How did you save the pdf? Via CTRL+S? Or via printing with a pdf-Printer? If you did one, try the other.

Good luck finding a solution!

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Oh what a simple solution. Changing the font worked.

I am assuming a glitch occurred when the project was converted from version 25 to 26.


Problem solved when I changed the font to Ariel. But for reference:

- I used Helvetica Neue initially

- I printed via the pdf-printer


Thanks for the simple, yet life-saving suggestions!

I'm glad that there was a fairly easy solution to this

ArchiCAD 26 GER / Win10
Intel i9-9900K / 64GB RAM / nVidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

Just curious, if you change the font back to Helvetica Neue and try to print, does the character offset happen again?

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Indeed, Helvetica Neue doesn't seem to print properly at all.


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