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LCA plugin Finally here :) DesignLCA

Thomas Nymann



Graphisoft Center Danmark just released a public beta version of DesignLCA, a plugin to AC 26 that facilitates Eco designer star, in order to calculate a projects CO2 footprint throughout a given period of time (CO2eq/m2/anno)


DesignLCA calculates the "Global Warming Potential" as an "Early stage LCA"


With this method designers can (fairly) easy get a reading of your projects CO2 footprint where both construction and operation is taken into consideration.


There´s a Danish version, prepared to meet the danish regulations that will be implemented in 2023.

There´s an international version where vaules and settings needs to be adjusted to meet your local regulations, demands and EPD´s .


DesignLCA calculates the "Global Warming Potential" as an "Early stage LCA"


Feel free to download  the international version from this website:

The Danish version is part of our Localization, and can be downloaded from our website:


Please leave a comment if this could be usefull for studio.








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While you be posting a version of LCA 3.1 compiled for the Archicad 27 Technology Preview version?

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Hi Aaron


We're currently working on DesignLCA 4.0 (main feature is to include energy from solar panels into phase B6), and we're looking into if it's possible to compile it for Archicad 27. – Hopefully this will be possible and hopefully this version will be published before the launch of Archicad 27 in late September 🙂

@Jaime-airc_digital wrote:

Even just to be able to import and export the Building materials GWP values into Excel would be a great enhancement.

I'd love to highlight this part since it didnt get a lot of attention...

Is an export / import planned at some point? Thanks!

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Hi Xandros


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We have heard this request from several people, but right now it’s not a planned functionality for development due to lack of resources. 


The DesignLCA CO2 values are actually written in the Properties of Building Materials. This means you can make a Schedule listing all Building Materials and their respective CO2 values to Excel, then add more data or edit existing data and import into Archicad and DesignLCA again. Only problem is that all LCA phases are in the same data field (separated with semicolons), so you have to keep very focused when manipulating data. 

We do plan to release DesignLCA 4.0 with a new feature for including energy from solar panels and also comp ability with Archicad 27. 

// Thomas

Thank you Thomas for the workaround and a great tool.


I'll be careful with the punctuation 😉

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Hi Thomas, I don't think building material data can be edited using the import property values from excel, as this is available to edit element properties but not attributes properties.


At the moment, I believe editing building material properties in bulk as you suggest can be done exporting to XML, editing the XML and importing back.


Best regards.

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Thomas Graabaek

Hi Jaime


I can make a Schedule with Building Materials and the GWP values: 

Skærmbillede 2023-07-13 kl. 21.06.29.pngSkærmbillede 2023-07-14 kl. 00.05.37.png

Then I can manipulate these in Excel: 

Skærmbillede 2023-07-13 kl. 21.07.57.png

It seems to be possible to import the spreadsheet and add the properties: 


Skærmbillede 2023-07-14 kl. 00.01.46.png


But then an error appears. – Is this what you mean, that it's not possible, or am I soooo close to make it happen ...?!


// Thomas

This is what I mean, you are not editing the building material property directly, but only for those elements in the model space.


As this properties come from the materials, the imported values cannot be applied.

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Oh, I understand. Then there is no workaround 😞



Is there any way how to get LCA plugin also in not international Archicad versions, German for example? 🙂

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