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LCA plugin Finally here :) DesignLCA

Thomas Nymann



Graphisoft Center Danmark just released a public beta version of DesignLCA, a plugin to AC 26 that facilitates Eco designer star, in order to calculate a projects CO2 footprint throughout a given period of time (CO2eq/m2/anno)


DesignLCA calculates the "Global Warming Potential" as an "Early stage LCA"


With this method designers can (fairly) easy get a reading of your projects CO2 footprint where both construction and operation is taken into consideration.


There´s a Danish version, prepared to meet the danish regulations that will be implemented in 2023.

There´s an international version where vaules and settings needs to be adjusted to meet your local regulations, demands and EPD´s .


DesignLCA calculates the "Global Warming Potential" as an "Early stage LCA"


Feel free to download  the international version from this website:

The Danish version is part of our Localization, and can be downloaded from our website:


Please leave a comment if this could be usefull for studio.








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The international version of DesignLCA should work on all localized versions of Archicad. But DesignLCA will be in English only. It should also work with the German localization of Archicad.


We're almost ready with DesignLCA version 4.0, that includes energy from solar panels and also support Archicad 27 Beta 😄

DesignLCA 4.jpg

Thank you this is great! 

I have just installed the plugin with German template of Archicad and it works but I am missing DesignLCA materials, which are connected with Ökobaut, as you have here:
Building materials.png

Is it possible to get these materials (even if it is in Danish language) or is there a way, we add our materials and connect them with Ökobaut? Since we don´t have any DesignLCA materials, we also do not have Environmental properties:


environmental properties missing.png

I could maybe set up  a German template with materials and connect them with Ökobaut, if you guide me a bit, how?

Thank you!!

You can download the Danish template for Archicad 26 here:


The Building Materials marked as DK/LCA is not based on ÖKOBAUDAT, but on a list of generic materials included with the Danish National Building Codes. 


Please note that the Environmental Properties in the Archicad Building Materials are not used by DesignLCA. DesignLCA use the COe values in the Material LCA Settings of DesignLCA ... 

Thank you!

I have now done test LCA calculations on a couple example projects and the stock doors and windows (that come in the DesignLCA package) seem to give a bit strange results. In both test projects the doors amount to 84 % of total project GWP and windows 0%. The numbers also seem to be abnormally high. Any idea what might be the reason for this?


Sounds like a unit-problem. Make sure that the lenght unit in 'Calculation units' is set to meters. As for the 0% contribution from the windows, that might be due to the classifications. The windows need to have a corresponding classification with the properties in order for the calculation to work. I hope this is helpful! 😊



Wow, thanks for the super-fast response! Changing calculation units from mm to meters seems to have solved both door and window calculations. Thanks again!

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