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BIMcloud Server is Not Accessible

Istvan Moharos
Applies to: BIMcloud and BIMcloud Basic from version 19 and above
The status of the BIMcloud Server is Not Accessible, but the BIMcloud Manager is still accessible from Archicad or a browser. Users are not able to join projects. Joined projects indicate they are offline. Following a BIMcloud update or service restart the "BIMcloud Server Not Accessible" notification may appear on the Manager interface. In this case teamwork should work properly and the notification can be ignored.

Possible reasons based on the frequency of occurrence

BIMcloud / BIMcloud Basic needs to be restarted

There could be synchronization issues between the BIMcloud / BIMcloud Basic services, which might require a manual service restart. Or there might be a pending or still-underway update of the operating system, requiring a full computer restart, which can affect the operation of BIMcloud / BIMcloud Basic. Restart the BIMcloud / BIMcloud Basic services (on Windows) or daemons (on macOS) manually, and/or restart the server computer. For further details on service/daemon restart, see the Start and Stop BIMcloud Manually Help Center article.

BIMcloud Only Feature Enabled on BIMcloud Basic

During the configuration process, you might enabled a BIMcloud Only feature (full BIMcloud Manager backup, full BIMcloud Server backup or Save snapshots to external folder) while you chose BIMcloud Basic as your product plan. In such situation, the BIMcloud Server does not start unless you disable these features, and a notification on the web interface will remind you to turn off these features.

Network issue

  • Run the Network Diagnostic Tool either from the Open / Join dialog or from the Teamwork palette. The Network Diagnostic Tool may provide further information and/or instructions about the issue.
  • Verify if your BIMcloud Server's port is opened in all firewall settings. About the default port settings, please consult with the Network Requirements.
If you still experience the above issue, please contact your GRAPHISOFT support representative. For the investigation BIMcloud log files might be necessary.

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