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Hotlink problems


I have a complex model file with about ten hotlinks in it.


Some of the hotlinks revert to previous pre-update versions when other hotlinks are updated. This happens on a regular basis. I update a hotlink and another one reverses it previous update unexplicitlySeems like some kind of bug. Has anyone ever had this happen?

Tomasz Mlynarski
New York based Architect
Gerry Leonor

that sounds like an odd kind of bug.

  • how are you exporting your modules? are you using the Publisher to export multiple .MOD files?
  • are they exporting to the same location? like 1 folder housing ALL hotlink modules (.MOD)
  • what sort of elements are being exported to an older version? Objects? Walls? Beams? Roofs etc? are some of them showing up in multiple stories (above or below)
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