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Dimensions Display Inconsistently Among Teamwork Users

Oleksandra Vakariuk

Affected versions: Archicad 23, Archicad 24, Archicad 25


After Receiving operations, dimensions may disappear or appear incorrectly for some users.

  • Associative and Static Dimensions may disappear.
  • Dimensions containing both Associative and Static nodes may disappear or appear incorrectly (stretch, break into pieces, etc.).



Starting from Archicad 23, Receive operations will not update dimensions when a Layout tab is open.


Close all Layout tabs before receiving changes, and place focus on a Viewpoint/View tab.

If dimensions are out of sync with the central project, that is, they do not appear correctly, it is possible that one of these options might help:
  • Undoing a simple change to an Element that has an incorrect dimension.
  • Rebuilding & Regenerating the view (View > Refresh > Rebuild while pressing the Alt key).
Otherwise, you will need to perform one of the following after sending in your changes:
  • Reload Project from Server.
  • Clear Local Cache.
  • Leave and Join Teamwork Project.


Our development team is working on solving this issue. It will be delivered in one of Archicad updates.

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