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Working in Teamwork

Greg Kmethy

with Educational License

In non-Teamwork mode an Archicad file created in the Educational license can be opened by a full (commercial) license of Archicad, which will then switch to 'Educational mode' as long as that file is in use. The same applies to Education-license projects shared in Teamwork: if you join such a project using a commercial version of Archicad (see more about: Open Teamwork Project in Archicad Help), that version will switch to 'Educational mode'. If you print from such a file, each printed/plotted page will display a watermark text. Shared projects by the full (commercial) version cannot be joined by team members using Educational version of Archicad.

with Trial license

In non-Teamwork mode, files saved with Trial license can only be opened with the same copy of Archicad. The same applies to Trial projects shared in Teamwork: You can try out Teamwork functionality if you share and access the Trial-version project on the same computer on which the Trial version is installed while the BIM Server can be running on another computer.

in Demo mode not possible. All Teamwork functions are disabled.

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