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Camera Tool Bug: when sharing a project from Solo to Teamwork


This is not a real bad bug, but it is annoying in that I have purposely set up my template to work logically. And the Camera tool is not playing nice. Or maybe it is Teamwork.

I have a list of cameras set up in our template in a specific order so that “00” has cameras turned off. This is so that I do not see cameras on the plan view. However, when I share the solo project to Teamwork, the logical order of the camera sets are altered. See the screen shots below.

AC25 Solo Original Camera Order.pngAC25 Teamwork Altered Camera Order.png
Todd Oeftger
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Karl Ottenstein

I think I would call that a bug/oversight rather than a wish?  The Camera tool has not been improved/modified, as far as I know, in 24 or more years, so I almost wonder if the developers just didn't pay attention to it in the case of TeamWork conversion.  Regardless of speculation, you should report this is a defect to your local technical support so that it can be forwarded to the developers.

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