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I am really annoyed with the curtain wall

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I am really pissed off with the curtain wall. I dont know how to make the door show the real 3d element instead of glass. so that goes with the windows too. the frames are showing glass in 3d render. It was supposed to be aluminum frames and the door handle should be metal too. When i render, it shows completely glass. Please help! I have tried to check layers and they were ok and i check the surface texture. They were ok too. but why in 3d perspective view is showing a wireframe of it and in 3d render is the same too.

Thank you
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Can you copy the Curtain Wall to the Clipboard, start a new Project (with settings of latest project, not based on Template) and paste the Curtain Wall in there? Is the Curtain Wall displayed incorrectly too? If it OK in the new file, there might be something wrong with your Project File.
If it still has the problem in the new file, can you put it on Dropbox as a PLA so we can look at it?

Please also include your AC version and specs in your signature.
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