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About BIMx


BIMx by Graphisoft is a professional BIM project viewer and communication product featuring BIMx Hyper-model, a unique technology for integrated 2D & 3D building project navigation. BIMx Hyper-models offer extremely smooth handling and outstanding performance even for projects with complex/large 3D building models and excessive 2D documentation.

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We welcome any feedback about BIMx. If you have an issue to report or an idea on how to make BIMx better please contact our BIMx support team by sending a mail to

We recommend using the Feedback function in the BIMx apps, which has a mail template including relevant technical details.


BIMx provides 3D environment to explore full BIM models with game-like navigation on mobile devices, desktop computers or in your browser.

BIMx on Mobile Platforms

iOS: iPhone/iPad

The latest version of BIMx is available from the App Store. See the Downloads section for further details. A few tips to get started with BIMx on iOS:

Android: smartphone/tablet

The latest version of BIMx app is available as a free download at the Google Play Store. See the Downloads section for further details. A few tips to get started with BIMx on Android:

BIMx on the web

The BIMx Web viewer is the perfect tool to communicate your designs to clients, it allows viewers to browse both the 3D model as well as the 2D documentation without any browser-plugin to download or any software to install.

The BIMx Web Viewer is a free part of the BIMx Model Transfer service and it is supported on most major browsers on all mobile, desktop or convertible computer.

BIMx Desktop Viewer

The Graphisoft BIMx package is included in Archicad for free up to version 19. From Archicad 20 you can download the BIMx Desktop Viewer separately from our website, still free of charge.


Before downloading BIMx, please read the System Requirements for BIMx. 



BIMx for iOS devices in the App Store

  • BIMx: Free application offering a subscription based PRO function pack



BIMx for Android devices in the Google Play Store

  • BIMx: Free application offering a subscription based PRO function pack



BIMx Desktop Viewer


Create an interactive, 3D presentation package at any stage of your Archicad project, check out the tips to export Hyper-models for BIMx.



The interactive 3D building models can be shared on the BIMx Model Transfer site. Upload your BIMx Hyper-model from Archicad with an ease. The uploaded model can be sent to the Client with a simple link.


Within the BIMx Known Issues article you will find actual problems we discovered up till now. If after checking this article you are still unable to resolve your issue please contact the BIMx support team at

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