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A few words after using Door & WindowSchedule.


In AutoCAD



In ArchiCAD


1. In ArchiCAD, there is no way to align doors to the right as in AutoCAD.


2. I wish there was an option to display the sill height in 3D front view. (including dimensions)


3. (1) It is not possible to adjust the font size for each cell.
    (2) It is inconvenient to write double text because there is no line break.



4. It is not possible to mark the location as "E,F Type Balcony".
"Balcony(E), Balcony(F)" seems best.
Merge still needs to be developed further.


5. The horizontal and vertical dimensions cannot be spaced differently.
(It is possible to go inside and do it manually.)


6. I would appreciate it if you could clearly tell me the criteria of the boundary when using options such as Top, Center, Bottom, and Story Zero.
I want to know how to write it and if what I wrote is correct.

ArchiCAD has a powerful GDL.
I would be more grateful if you could develop it further and use more features.

Good luck to the hard-working developers today.



It is based on the top


Others work differently.


7. Is it because it is the process of making GDL?
It is a problem because GDL disappears.
I wish I didn't have to disappear.
And I wish there was an option to display the automatically specified GDL here (3D front view) without having to go in and create it.


8. I want the options included in this to be used only for modification, etc., and not to be involved in priorities and combinations at all.
And I don't want it to be visible in the layout of the drawing.



AC27 on window 11

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