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Auto-Sort Graphic Override Rules


To sort Graphic Override Rules by name, rather than by when created.




Barry Kelly

I did reply but removed my post as it was incorrect.

So if some saw it, and it is now missing, you know why.


I see you have the "Manage Rules" list open.

It used to be in alphabetical order - I checked in version 25.

But now in 27, they are listed in the order you want them to be - use the up/down arrows to the left to move them.

If you have a rule highlighted and you create a new rule, it will list under that highlighted rule.


The new ordering is because you can now have 'groups' (or folders) of rules which you can expand and contract.

So listing alphabetically doesn't really work anymore.


Also we have the 'search' bar at the top which will filter only matching rules.



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