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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
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Color Code View Names in the View Map


It would be sweet if we could color code view names in the view map...
For example -- A view of a wall section may be modeled so well that it is the view placed on a layout, or the wall section may be converted into @2D off to the side in the section and dressed up in entirely in 2d... If we could color code the name of the view I would not need a seperate folder to keep track of these things... 

Gary Ford
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Yes to this! also, if it is so difficult to hide unused views on cloned folders, at least we could color code the ones we are using in each folder.

I use this functionality in windows explorer substitutes for my folders, and its an absolute joy

Gerry Leonor

well -- we sort of did.

in the older versions, there was a bit of a contrast between varying view types. it was enough contrast where i didn't have to squint my eyes to see not the colour contrast, but the shape of the icons before clicking on any of them.




I don't intend for us to go back to this, but i would like some more colour contrast between the icons & perhaps coloured text that distinguishes between Plans / Sections / Elevations / Details / Schedules / Worksheets etc... these colours should be set in the Work Environment.


perhaps the same thing could be added to Graphic Overrides & Model View Options. add a setting for each GO / MVO where you can set the text colour.

the visual nature of the program has been one of the strongest things this software has & is what i missed in the 6months i was working with Revit where it felt like reading a novel every time i had to open an option / setting.

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