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Embedded links - PLEASE


I understand that archicad is architectural tool, however it also has layouts to create a presentations.


Many times, our clients wants to review the presentations and products so we would previously create all presentations in google slides with embedded links. Oh boy that was a work, and we spent probably a week just doing this...


I know, we can add the links in pdf application, not archicad, however then again, Google slides would do this too so... 


t I would appreciate the option to add embedded links over  photos or text we add when creating own custom schedules with products such as finishes, tiles, slabs... furniture, appliances, and so on... 



Thank you

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Tim Ball

You can add embedded links in properties and they will work with auto text or BIMX

It can help to use a shortener if the web address is long

Tim Ball

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We use many products that we don't create in archicad (plumbing, appliances, furniture, lighting etc otherwise our only job would be to work in archicad and never finish projects). So we do our "custom " schedules in archicad, adding photos of the products with codes. yes clients can search it, but its better and more convenient to add embedded links. unfortunately it does not let you add embedded link in the photo or visuals or anything except maybe the Bimx as you mentioned  (not  sure if it still opens in pdf as embedded link?) .


Embedded links are not a new standard. I don't know if people notices, but embedded links are *nowadays* used in emails, articles, posts, magazines, editors, office suite (etc), oh also AUTOCAD, revit, regretfully even a sketchup. All I am asking is a small feature to add in layouts as an option to add embedded link. (having shortened links is still not a solution in 2023) 

MacBook Pro, Sonoma: 2.6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7, Intel 16GB mem,
Archicad Solo 26 and 27 (in testing mode)