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Export comments in BCF from BIMx

Abraham Smith

It is a disconnected workflow that I have come across, at the time of being in a meeting where I present the BIMx hypermodel and some virtual tour (with clients, consultants and/or specialists). Many times the annotations and comments go outside as in a PDF reader or some notebook from the same tablet. It would be great if from the GUIDs of the elements in BIMx they could communicate with the IFC GUIDs through the open standard BCF (comments, images and other fields), without having to go through Archicad from BIMcloud (SSA) transforming them to BCF from the comments made in BIMx. And instead, go directly to the federated model by importing a BCF, exporting from BIMx or through some feedback cloud synchronization like with BIMcollab, Dalux, BIMsync, etc. As well as being able to view the incidents back from BIMx when importing the BCF.


Greetings and thanks for reading

BIM Manager
Johan Stinckens

Hi Abraham,


This sounds very similar to what we would like to expect from the BIMx Hypermodel. Currently it does prove to be very helpful in having all the model-information at hand when at the building site or during off-site project meetings.


However, having the ability to add BCF-moderated issues directly from within the BIMx application would greatly enhance the product and make it the tool it wants to be (IMHO).


So, Graphisoft team, I think we need a BCF-connector in BIMx so it can become the definite 2D/3D BIM Collaboration platform!


GO GO GO!!!  👊

Johan Stinckens
BIM Modeller at Atrium Architecten
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